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General Terms and Conditions /条款和条件

1. Definitions
1) CiVinTec Global Co., Limited is referred to as CiVinTec.
2) Natural, juridical persons or other organization is referred to as Customer.
3) Any product provided by CiVinTec Global Co., Limited is referred to as Products.
4) Any service provided by CiVinTec Global Co., Limited is referred to as Services.

2. General provisions
The provisions hereunder contain terms and conditions which apply to all CiVinTec’s Products and Services.No addition and modification to any of the provisions shall be bound by CiVinTec unless made in writing and signed by CiVinTec. Supply contract is valid with not only written, but also fax, email. This provision supersedes all other agreements (written or oral), including but not limited, those contained in Supply contract, warranty policy, the purchase order from Customer, sales, unless a particular statement has been made by CiVinTec.

3. Prices and Terms of Payment
1) CiVinTec’s prices quoted are valid at Ex-Works conditions, excluding any extra costs. CiVinTec shall charge VAT on the basic of unit price for any delivery in China Mainland, excluding Taiwan, Hong kong and Macao.
2) All the quotation is in accordance with USD, unless special statement by CiVinTec. CiVinTec accept the payment by USD and Euro. The exchange rate shall be made  by CiVinTec according to the current exchange rate issued by People’s Bank of China.
3) CiVinTec’s price is valid in 30 days from the date of the price released, unless a particular statement has been made by CiVinTec in quotation.
4) Only 100% T/T payment or cash in advance is acceptable and T/T payment shall only be made by bank transfer. All banking charges during the bank procession should be at the expense of Customer.

4. Limitations for Order Changes or Cancellation
It’s not acceptable to modify or cancel orders (including but not limited for models, quantities, prices, payment and delivery term etc), if the order is accepted by CiVinTec and the payment is done by Customer, unless otherwise agreed by CiVinTec.

5. Terms of Delivery
1) Unless otherwise appointed by Customer, the carrier shall be selected by CiVinTec.
2) Risk of loss and damage of the goods should pass to the Customer once goods are delivered to the Carrier. 
3) The title to the goods shall remain in CiVinTec until the payment is fully received by CiVinTec.
4) Shipment date will be indicated by CiVinTec after Customer’s payment is received by CiVinTec. CiVinTec will make reasonable efforts to meet its indicated shipment date. However, CiVinTec will not be liable for its failure to meet the date.
5) CiVinTec shall be entitled to make partial deliveries of goods.
6) CiVinTec shall not be held liable for failure or delay in delivery in consequence of the Carrier.
7) Products will be filled in accordance with its customary package. The Customer should assume corresponding risk and extra cost caused, if a special packaging is required by Customer.
8) After the order has finished, Customer has to collect the goods from CiVinTec within 15 days of receiving the notification by CiVinTec. If the goods haven’t been picked up within the specified time limit, the charge to store the goods will be at the expense of Customer.
9) Any claims for shortages or incorrectly filled orders must be received by CiVinTec within 7 days from the date the shipment is received by Customer, otherwise it will be regarded as that Customer accept the right Products.

6. Design Changes of Products
CiVinTec reserves the right to discontinue the manufacturing of any Products, to improve Products, to make changes in their design.

7. Force Majeure
CiVinTec shall not be held responsible for failure or delay to perform all or any part of this agreement due to any events beyond the control of CiVinTec. Such events will be included but not limited to the things as natural disaster, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, governmental intervention, embargo, strike, labor difficulties, break down of machinery or other difficulty as material shortages, shortage of transport, or other events beyond the control of CiVinTec.

8. Limitations of Liability
The total liability of CiVinTec including but not limited, all Product damages, damages for injuries to persons or property, breach of warranty, breach of this general terms and conditions, negligence, or other tort with respect to Products, or any Services is limited to the amount not to exceed the price CiVinTec received for the current order from Customer.

9. Warranty
CiVinTec warrants Products against defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period provided by CiVinTec from the date of invoice depending on different Products or components. The details is referred to the latest CiVinTec “Warranty, Return and repair policy”.

10. Return of Products
Customer shall obtain CiVinTec’s written authorization to return the Products and obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Any Products should be returned with the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the packaging to the CiVinTec securely packed in a rigid container with ample cushioning material, preferably the original packaging. The details is referred to the latest CiViinTec “Warranty,Return and repair policy”.

11. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Arbitration 
The conditions above mentioned shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China. All disputes in connection with the conditions or the execution thereof shall be settled friendly through negotiation. If a settlement agreement is not reached through negotiation, the case shall then be submitted for arbitration to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Shenzhen Commission, or HongKong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC), and the rules of CIETAC Shenzhen Commission or HKIAC shall be applied. The award of the arbitration shall be final and binding upon both CiVinTec and Customer.

1. 定义
1.1 深圳市华智创科智能科技有限公司,在本文中均简称为“CiVinTec”;
1.2 自然人、法人或其他组织机构,在本文中均简称为“客户”;
1.3 任何由深圳市华智创科智能科技有限公司所提供的产品,在本文中均简称为“产品”;
1.4 任何由深圳市华智创科智能科技有限公司所提供的服务,在本文中均简称为“服务”。

2. 总则

3. 价格和付款条款
3.1    CiVinTec的所有价格均为出厂价(Ex work),不包含任何其他费用;对任何在中国大陆地区(不包括台湾、香港及澳门)交付的产品,CiVinTec将在出厂价格基础上加收 税费;
3.2 除非经CiVinTec特别声明外,CiVinTec的所有价格均以美元定价。CiVinTec可以接受美元、欧元或人民币付款。汇率均由CiVinTec根据中国人民银行公布的当前汇率指 定;
3.3 除非经CiVinTec特别声明外,CiVinTec的报价在发布之日起30日内有效;
3.4    CiVinTec仅接受客户出货前100%电汇及样品订单的现金付款,且T/T付款必须由银行转帐,汇款产生的任何银行费用均由客户承担。

4. 取消或修改订单的限制条款

5. 运输条款
5.1 如客户未事先指定货运代理人或承运人,货运代理人或承运人应由CiVinTec指定;
5.2 自CiVinTec将货物交给承运人之时起,货物任何毁损或灭失的风险将由客户承担;
5.3 在收到客户全额货款之前,CiVinTec将保留有对货物的所有权;
5.4 在收到客户货款以后,CiVinTec将给出预计的产品运输日期。CiVinTec将做出应有的努力,按照预计的运输日期发出货物。但如未能按预计的运输日期发出货物,CiVinTec将对此不负有任何责任;
5.5    CiVinTec保留对一张订单安排分批发货的权利;
5.6  CiVinTec不对因承运人的原因造成的运输失败或迟延交付承担责任;
5.7 产品将按CiVinTec惯例包装。如客户需要特殊包装,应为此承担相应的风险和支付额外费用;
5.8 订单完成后,客户应在接到物货提货通知之日起15日内从CiVinTec处提走货物。如未能在此期限内提走货物,由此产生的仓储费用将由客户承担;
5.9 任何有关产品提供短缺或错误的投诉,必须在自货物被签收之日起7日内通知CiVinTec。否则视为客户确认产品提供正确无误。

6. 产品改良、设计变更、终止生产条款


8. 有限责任

9. 保修条款

10. 退回产品

11. 法律适用与司法及仲裁


Warranty, Return and Repair Policy
(1) Warranty Period:
CIVINTEC Global Co., Limited provides warranty for CV / CN / EL /CT series product, commencing from the date of purchase:

(2) Warranty Service:

(3)The customer is responsible for all the charge of returning the defective product at his/her own expense including delivery cost, custom duty and tax.
(4)The warranty will automatically be waived if:
A. the product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with, altered or repaired in any way by anybody other than qualified technical people of CIVINTEC Global Co., Limited
B. the product has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence, physical damage, abnormal voltage supply/power interruption, accident, fire, flood, natural calamities, improper transportation or other events beyond CIVINTEC Global Co., Limited control;
C. the product model number label or serial number label has been effaced or altered.
(5) Engineering Service cost and Freight
Extra engineering service 30-50 USD$ and consignment will be required in order to receive our repair service
Within warranty, if returning product is tested without quality problem, the extra engineering service 30/50 USD$ and consignment for sending back will be charged at customer
(6) CIVINTEC Global Co., Limited reserves the right to issue and cease this warranty. For any uncertain or doubtful occasion, after examination, CIVINTEC Global Co., Limited has the right to refuse to issue or to cease this warranty.
(7)The warranty terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
Please follow steps below to complete returning process of your defect parts:
Step 1: fill RMA online
Step 2: receiving information within 2 working days from CiVinTec
Step 3: Confirm fee (in case it happens) and arrange the payment defect items
Step 4: Get RMA number and returning instruction
Step 5: Send back defect items
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions I have read and agree to the terms and conditions I have read and agree to the terms and conditions I have read and agree to the terms and conditions I have read and agree to the terms and conditions I have read and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Are you manufacturer or trade company?

    CiVinTec Global is a world leading developer and manufacturer of contact-less smart card terminals and devices, established in 2006, the head office is located in Shenzhen China.

  • How to place an order?

    Client can send a purchase order to via email, or call our sales number at +86-755-86117608, or visit our website at to select the product they like.

  • What is the payment terms? Can we pay in Euro or other currency?

    Our payment term is 100% T/T payment in advance in US dollars, and T/T payment shall only be made by bank transfer to our nominated bank.

  • What kind of bank charge will be borne by client?
    The condition is EX-Work Shenzhen. CiVinTec will pay the bank charge inside China, any bank fee charged by correspondent bank out of China will be borne by client.
  • Can we pay in RMB?
    Yes, RMB is acceptable. CiVinTec shall charge VAT on the basic of unit price for any order paid in RMB.
  • Is there any option to pay by credit card or Paypal?
    Normally only T/T payment is acceptable, credit card is not available at present since we have no operation platform to receive credit card payment. Paypal is only available for small amount such as bank charge. Therefore we suggest client to use our nominated payment method.
  • What is the type of shipping?
    Unless otherwise appointed by client, the carrier shall be selected by CiVinTec, we usually deliver goods by express, such as express company TNT and FedEx.
  • What is the terms of delivery?
    Our terms of delivery is EX-work Shenzhen, excluding any other costs.
  • Could CiVinTec help arrange shipment?
    The condition of delivery is EX-work Shenzhen, excluding any other costs. If client prepay the freight or use appointed forwarder (freight collect), CiVinTec will assist client to arrange shipment.
  • How do you arrange shipment?
    To convenient client, we accept prepay freight and arrange shipment for client. Under EX-Work condition, we do not undertake the risk for the shipment, the freight cost (include export customs clearance fee), excludes import duty, insurance and any other cost. Usually, we recommend TNT express, but if client has specific delivery demands or different transport mode, we’ll follow up client’s demand.
  • Can we collect the goods from your factory by ourselves or can you send the goods to our forwarder?
    Yes, just make sure the forwarder has the ability to use CiVinTec’s document to do export customs clearance, or client should pay extra tax fee upon the value of goods.
  • Can you ship the goods to China?
    CiVinTec will assist client for shipment including ship to China, but CiVinTec shall charge VAT on the basic of unit price for any delivery in China Mainland, excluding Taiwan, Hong kong and Macao.
  • What is the lead time?
    The lead time depends on client’s order confirmed date and our factory production schedule, most of products are under regular production. For bulk order, it also depends on the order quantity.
  • Is there a warranty period for the product?
    CiVinTec warrants products against defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period provided by CiVinTec from the date of invoice depending on different products or components.
  • What is the warranty time?
    The warranty time depends on different products or components. The details is referred to the latest CiVinTec “Warranty, Return and repair policy”.
  • Could you provide certificate of origin?
    Yes, CiVinTec can assist client to provide certificate of origin for ordered goods.
  • Can you do OEM or ODM orders?
    Yes, CiVinTec do OEM LOGO printing and ODM customization to satisfy client’s demands.