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Turnstile Access Control Security System Solution

CT9 PRO a smart cloud remote controlled access control terminal provides an effective and agile physical access control solution for turnstile integration. It provides multiple technologies to establish effective identity verification and convenient experience for employees, visitors, members, guests who have a various door opening credentials as 125KHz or 13.56MHz RFID smart cards, smart phone mobile credential, one-time QR Code. CT9 PRO also provides agile smart remote management solutions for self-service visitor registration, cashless payment and ticket check etc for a seamless and convenient experience.

Multiple Credential Technologies

CT9 Pro supports 5-in-1 multiple identification technologies to read and verify the various credentials of time-limited QR Code, Pin code, BLE/NFC code or RFID card ID to access the restricted areas. To facilitates appointment bookings, HOST / server remotely create and send a credential to visitor’s smart phone with valid date/time and location for the booking. To provide fast reading speed for high traffic areas, CT9 Pro is designed with high working performance RFID reader with high sensitive antenna for fast reading speed in longer reading distance, and first-class QR code scanner module with wide scanning view, fast scanning speed and high sensitive to read older phone with low-resolution Code image for friendly user experience.

Access Control

CT9 Pro verify visitor’s credential to check the permissions. With 1~2 relay output and two inputs (door contact, door exit), CT9 Pro controls electronic lock or turnstile to give access, and display “ACCESS GRANTED with valid time” on 3.5” touch screen. The code can also be set with an expiration after the scheduled booking is due to finish. If an expired code is presented or incorrect location, CT9 Pro will deny the access and display “Access Denied with failure reason” and guide visitor to do following actions. CT9 Pro is ideal for cloud server remote control to send HTTP commands in real time to display image with TEXT to provide numerically and graphically to see booking time and information which offer flexible customization for your innovative booking and access control solutions.

Turnstile IN & OUT Access Control

CT9 PRO is with wiegand or RS485 port to connect with access control reader for turnstile IN and Out in a one-way direction access control. Cidron family access control readers are recommend for best performance to achieve an encrypted secured level of smart card and BLE technologies.

Cashless Payment by using Dynamic QR Code

CT9 Pro is with embedded QR code generator to display dynamic QR code on 3.5” touch screen. A web-based remote management software can also remotely display QR code on screen for visitor’s mobile phone to scan, ideal for self-service registration, online cashless payment and access control applications.

Wire & Wireless Communication

CT9 Pro as a controller terminal with local network TCP/IP connectivity and integrated PoE together with RJ45 port at the back of reader for wall-mount for less wiring and cost-save installation. CT9 Pro 4G version also provides wireless communication and flexible installation, do not require network infrastructure on site. You will have a bio-direction communication between CT9 Pro and your web server to get all the data synchronize and remotely unlock the door and capable of managing multiple locations doors.

Weather-resistant Protection

With IP65 ratings, CT9 PRO is weather resistant to rain, dust, strong sunlight, ideal for outdoor use, low temperature various rugged working environments.

Customization Service

As manufacturer and designer of CT9 PRO, we offer customization service from hardware design to software to well meet CT9 PRO technologies integration into your turnstile device. Today the competition is very tough in many markets, making it increasingly more important to stand out from the crowd and therefore we also offer the opportunity to profile your access control devices for increased recognition. You can program your company LOGO to display on 3.5touch screen or print LOGO on terminal body. This way, you get the readers to follow your or your customers graphic profile.