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IoT & Facility Control

CT9 PRO is smart IoT access control terminal with relay control to interface a machine and enable only authorized staff to operate the machine in a workshop environment.

Before working on a machine, the authorized staff present badge on CT9 PRO by using an AES encrypted secure access card to avoid of card clone. CT9 PRO check the permissions and log in the staff, identify and record the staff to enable operation of the machine to start. Time of login is recorded by CT9 PRO until time of logout. After log out of the staff, CT9 PRO remain inactive and do not in any case operate if there’s no authorized staff log in by using secured badge. CT9 PRO is programmable and controlled remotely by connection to server via TCP/IP or 4G, WiFwireless communication. Administrator can also access CT9 PRO terminal with authorized password to add new users or override to operate the machine.

CT9 PRO is protected by IP65 waterproof and dustproof with wide temperature range from -20 to 60℃ workable in a dusty and humid environment.

Cloud Management System

CT9 PRO is All-in-One Linux HTTP access control & IoT terminal to build cloud server centralized & remote control solutions. It features with wireless 4G, WiFi  communication, flexible and unlimited for various installation occasions without huge infrastructure to client. It supports TCP/IP Ethernet HTTP/HTTPs for both LAN and Internet Cloud Server Software, with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) for less wiring and lost cost installation.

As online reader, CT9 PRO use GET/POST command via standard HTTP/HTTPs to get bio-direction communication between CT9 PRO and third party cloud server. It works as CLIENT to automatically detect if server is online running. When CT9 PRO establishes a connection with the cloud server, it can automatically receive HTTP commands from the cloud server or actively send HTTP commands to the cloud server. Each device with MAC address to avoid of IP conflict for smart devices remote management under internet.

CT9 PRO is with embedded relay control, it can work as cloud server management terminal and also standalone control terminal to control lock, light and facilities. CT9 PRO has HOST mode or Local mode for selection to meet different system platform integration.

▶  HOST Mode
▶ Local Mode

CT9 PRO HOST mode provides fully cloud server remote control in real time.
Server software remotely get user/visitor’s ID and check the permissions,

send commands to activate CT9 PRO relay and control screen to display

specific image with TEXT for intuitive guide.

CT9 PRO Local mode provide device locally control application.
It is with large

memory locally to store user/visitor’s ID and read to check the permissions

to activate the relay locally, with 4G, WiFi or TCP/IP to synchronize the event logs

to server.

CT9 PRO Multi-Technology Identifications

CT9 PRO incorporates with 5-in-1 multiple access credential technologies, use the latest technology BLE and NFC mobile access credential, QR CODE, Barcode by using mobile phone for visitor access control management, and RFID dual 125KHz & 13.56MHz smart cards and touch keypad. This combination makes the product flexible for all kinds of security applications and future technology requirements applicable for the security industry.