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Visitor Management Solution


With integrated Biometric, NFC and contactless Smart card reader, uTouch Android/Linux system offer powerful and programmable platform for visitor management to manage visitor, contractor and staff on a single or multiple sites across country in variety of industries and companies to greatly enhance visitor security, simplify visitor registration and tracking. Greatly save human and material resources via Network paperless centralized management on semi-automatic electronic service spot or self-service terminal, which greatly save visitors' time in long time queuing up & immethodical operation. Hassle free register & clock in/out via multi-identification modes will greatly reduces delays in area entrance
With build-in wireless module and web server, uTouch centralizes all visitor data and notification online to improve secure access and fast pass-along capabilities, keep track of visitor time and location, and accurate staff attendance for highly efficient & comprehensive workforce management for small-large corporate offices, private apartments, industrial complexes, government buildings, and military bases etc. occasions.


Self-service on wide 7 inch touch screen
Large touch screen design and comfortable check-in/out by simple clicks on self-service terminals, which greatly assist in corporate Image enhancing and creative advertising. With real-time photograph snapping, uTouch ensures 24 hours monitoring in case of any black list and unauthorized visitors.

Multiple Identification Technology for Fast, Secure, Online Registration
uTouch is full featured with multiple identification technology, combined with
Biometric + multiple Contactless Smartcards + NFC smart phone, ideal for fast secure registration and personal identification online.

Network Enrollment with Personal Information
NETWORK Enrollment has been integrated into uTouch. To work with uTouch high resolution camera and 7''wide touch screen, it's easy and fast to take picture, enroll few templates and type necessary information. All the templates, image and data are synchronized to central server for visitor achieve management and distribute to other terminals for access pass and attendance tracking management.

  Wire/Wireless Real-time Communication
Detailed visitor data with real-time in/out records and timekeeping is synchronized for daily central management via Ethernet or WiFi and 3G anytime anywhere. Moreover, timely SMS/e-mail will be sent to pointed mobile phone or computer when notice needs to be informed respectively.

  Stable Power Management
With embedded power management, uTouch optimize power to save electrical energy for long time working with multiple power supply via DC adapter, Power over Ethernet, backup battery. Moreover, uTouch automatically turns to sleeping mode for energy-saving and greatly increase of service life. Fast activate via Infrared sensor by simple approaching

   Easy Installation and Access Security
uTouch can be placed on desktop or wall mount by International Standard VESA75 mounting rack. Build-in relay for doors controlling and multi-GPIO ports for different defining on external connection like E-lock and emergency alarm, which guarantees building access security system as well.



Android/Linux SDK
Developer can get the Android/Linux SDK easily on line to get API and developer tool necessary to integrate, test and debug APPs on uTouch. SDK includes DLL, API libraries of all peripherals as RF contactless reader, fingerprint sensor, IR sensor, GPIO, relay, 3G/WiFi module for software integration.                                                                                           Read More+


Software Partner Program
If you are going to integrate your visitor management software on uTouch, you will have the opportunity to sell your solution on our sales channels around the world. Your solution will be introduced on international exhibitions we attend. You will have priority to be considered as our sales channel partner in local.                                                                 
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