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uTouch Biometric Solution


uTouch Fingerprint Sensor

uTouchAndroid/Linux All-in-One System is designed with the robust fingerprint sensor, which is with advanced secure fingerprint authentication algorithm, as well as solid and scratch-free sensor surface, ideal for wet & dry fingers to capture reliable high quality fingerprint image for fast biometric identification.


NETWORK Enrollment

Quick fingerprint enrollment has been integrated into uTouch. To work with uTouch high resolution camera and wide touch screen, it’s easy and fast to take picture, enroll few templates and type necessary information. All the templates, image and data are synchronizedto central server for staff achieve management and distribute to other terminals foraccess control time attendance management.


uTouch Fingerprint Features

·  Large sensing area

·  Fast fingerprint enrollment & authorization online

·  Fast Speed authentication with 0.76s (1:1000), 1:1Verification in 600ms

·  Each user with 1- 10 enrolled fingerprint templates

·  Robust optical fingerprint1:1 or 1: N (1900/9500)

·  Store and match fingerprint template in RFID smart card with added privacy

   Access right with fingerprint template can be automatically distribute to any terminals online


Fingerprint Specification:


Sensor 500 dpi optical sensor
Encryption 256-bit AFS Fingerprint data Encryption
Flash Memory 1MB (4MB Option)
EER < 0.1%
Enrollment Time < 600ms OP5/OC4/OH
1:1 Verification Time < 600ms OP5/OC4/OH
1:1000 ID Time < 760ms OP5/OC4/OH
Template Options ISO19794-2, ANSI-378
Template Size Configurable 256 to 384 Bytes (Default: 384 Bytes)
Template Capacity 1,900 @ 1 MB Flash; 9,500 @ 4 MB Flash
Log Capacity -1,000,000 events
Fingerprint Data Encryption 256-bit AES






uTouch fingerprint sensor overcomes the problem of significantly compromised qualityof fingerprint image (Figure1)uploading to Host PCand have been equipped with the new technology to compress fingerprint images and quickly send high quality images via a low bandwidth network environment.


When compressing, the quality degradation is minimized (Figure 2), but the data size is lowered by 90%, reducing the time it takes to be sent by 90%, as well. Moreover, you can set the system to compress images in different levels, enabling you to appropriately adjust the transfer speed and the image quality according to its use (Figure 3).


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