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CIVINTEC Membership Management Solution


CIVINTEC offer full product range to establish reliable, secure membership system for both member and staff, in which member takes smart card or wristband to visit every specified places, use vending machines and do fast purchasing. From the time they easily park and check-in to when they leave, every step will be fully supported by one smart card, including access in turnstiles, opening internal doors, using lockers and billing for drink/snack at restaurant or point-of-sale stations.

Combined with advanced RFID control of doors and lockers and fast cashless payment, CIVINTEC product system offers a seamless solution for total leisure facility and greatly ensuring guests spend more time having fun, and less time at waiting, queuing at busy outlets or searching for available lockers. Now visitors can relax themselves with convenient and comfortable hands-free experience of all the facility.
The system can can simplify administrative operation, and staff will have greater availability to focus on high-class customer service for quick return on investment. Moreover, it is also featured with professional staff access authorization and time attendance.
With extensive experience providing cutting-edge technology solutions to some of the largest and most profitable facilities, CIVINTEC continues to provide reliable, secure system that fit your individual needs. Boost your profits, reduce operational costs and improve the loyalty of members.
››  Secure Access Control
To avoid unauthorized member movement, CIVINTEC establish easy and safe access control system under 24hours’ network monitoring to check member and staff’s access authorization. Based on RF contactless card or Fingerprint, members only take one card or wristband for all-purpose to enjoy free-hand access to all leisure services and activities in authorized zones with maximum convenience and security.
From the visitor check-in to check-out, all access are monitored reliably under synchronized network by CIVINTEC System, control turnstiles or barriers, course booking, online operated locker systems, changing cubicles, showers, solarium or massage area, restaurants, even specific access authorizations and time attendance for your staff.
Network access control system offering the highest level of security and centrally management systems that makes the central organization much easier. This will not only benefit your members, but also easier and intuitive to analyze member’s behavior to improve club products and service to increase your turnover.
››  Check- in / Check-out — 360-Degree View Monitoring
In daily management of clubs or public places, it is always valuable to keep an eye on member tracking: Who is coming in, who is leaving? Who is currently working out? Does every visitor really have a valid membership?
CIVINTEC system gives you a quick, easy and secure overview of all the managed areas. Using all-purpose wristband or card, it stays with the visitors from the entering to the moment of leaving. The terminals are easy to use, with a variety of models which can be built into any type of architecture. Simply put the wristband or card in front of the reader and the system will fast check the user access authorization against their member to avoid unauthorized user movement, which enhances security greatly.
All the club services and changing room lockers are available to use for the member card holders after check-in. Fast and easy to check-in and check-out can largely avoid administrative work to save the time and effort to improve member service and experience.
››   Network Locker System
In modern world, traditional Keys, coins and padlocks etc. are not very secure, inconvenient and outdated to locker managed system. CIVINTEC membership solution enables operators to integrate low power consumption RFID module or secure lock control reader into existing locker system, in which users can use wristband, card or key fob instead of outdated keys in total network locker managed system. After further integration and system development, members have free choice of locker using and allocate individual lockers personally online. Every time the locker is opened and closed, it can be detected and system will friendly inform about current capacity utilization to central managers at all times.
Your customers will appreciate the convenience of the secure Network locking system and can concentrate on their sporting passion with complete peace of mind. In conclusion, CIVINTEC system is the perfect choice and allows your members to open and close their locker intuitively and conveniently via RFID locking system. All lockers and cloakrooms will be easily and securely managed in 24 hours.
››   Cashless Payment — Better service & Higher Turnover
Without taking cash or credit cards, members can concentrate on their sport and leisure time at peace of mind, no need to worry about personal belongings unattended. It’s easy and secure to take access wristband for all entrance, service, food and drink in the club. CIVINTEC system featured with small cashless payment system can be integrated into total solution to enhance convenient payment and optimize customer consumption experience.
Cashless payment can take place easily, flexible and securely at anytime, end of the stay or by means of a monthly invoice. All-purpose smart card or wristband is not only an access key, but also an uncomplicated and secure means of payment, reduced queuing times at all point-of-sale stations. It’s shown that “cashless payment” can significantly increase sales to stimulate consumption. This makes additional services such as restaurants, solarium, massages, vending machine snacks or souvenirs in your shops particularly attractive to your members. For operator, this means: higher turnover, more security, greater convenience and a quick and complete overview of takings.
CIVINTEC system will greatly benefit the turnover and reduced staff & money-handling demands due to automation. Moreover, operator can analyze valuable statistics easier, increase the attractiveness of products and services as well as efficiency and exploit potential savings.

››  Features :

››   Improves member satisfaction

››   Optimized loyalty and advertisement

››   Provide complete monitoring system

››   Reduce needless back office staff and operational cost

››   Assured return on capital outlay

››   Maintain high efficiency and revenue

››   Budget friendly in terms of resource cost


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