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uTouch Time Attendance Access Control Solution



Commit to workforce solution based on cutting-edge smart card and biometric technology, uTouch is specialized
for wire/wireless Time Attendance & Access Control management in user archives, labor tracking, physical access,
daily access & attendance recording, outside duty & business, etc. Moreover, it creates comprehensive self
customized reports and smooth data exports to system managers to increase workforce productivity and reduce
administrative burden and operation costs by avoiding of resources waste in, overstaffing, and inefficient manual
work and improve relation with labor using accurate and trust-able method of overtime work data management.

uTouch flexible Access Control, which combines multiple smart and advanced secure identification methods,ensure the authorized user gain access right at the right time according to their job role and areas that they need to access, to avoid of uncontrolled people movement. uTouch Real Time control, with automate real-time data collection, that makes system visible at all time and reports who and when open a particular door, who exactly is on site, and track the exact working time.

uTouch comes with intelligent and easy operation Access Control & Time Attendance software, and is also featured with open and standardized interfaces for quick integrated to your existing system and efficient data transfer. It is designed for long-term use with total forward compatibility and future scalability. This means uTouch combined with multi-software can be programmed & upgraded as your needs change, thus your investment is friendly protected in the future.


Multi-language software supports most common world languages as English, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French, and is simply to translate into any language.


User Management


Unlimited User Archive Management with automatic system to avoid manual error and reduce administrative cost


››   User Archive File Management
››   Smart Card Authorization & Management
››   Fingerprint Enrollment & Authorization 
››   Easily add, transfer departments


Device Management


Multi Level Setting for Region, Sites, Devices and Access Rights via TCP/IP, WiFi, 2G/3G easy for multiple branches in different locations and small-to-large sized organizations.


››    Configure common terminal settings in network
››     Network Devices Center Management ease user to register in any devices in total system. 
››    Access right with fingerprint template and smart cards can be automatically distribute to           any terminals in network
››    Device Safety Monitor by SMS real-time alarm system


Access Management


uTouch offer fully integrated security solution combine NFC mobile phone, RFID smart cards, secure pin code and Biometric Identification for physical access control to avoid of uncontrolled people movement and ensure the safety and security of people and property.


››    Biometric Identification and camera real-time snapshot to avoid unauthorized user access
››    Fingerprint template can be stored in uTouch or RFID proximity card with added privacy 
››    With Flexible Access Control, user can be given access rights on a particular day or  time           to complete control staff and visitors over access areas and restricted zones
››    Visible at all time and reports who and when open a particular door, who exactly is  on site
››    Low cost and simple to replace lost card via centralized software or uTouch terminal


Time Management


uTouch Time Attendance system makes easy work to get the latest and most detailed activity tracking data and easily control working shift to improve workforce efficiency and productivity


››    Normal Time Management by lateness, early leave, outside duty, absence, holiday work
››    Programmable Job Codes computes time spent on specific jobs to track working time
››    uTouch know how to calculate hours based on shift definition, define type of shift, start,         end, pause, how to treat extra time and other important parameters.
››    Biometric identification and camera real-time snapshot to judge the buddy punching
››     External Printer to print attendance report in real time


Time Records


uTouch is featured by Multiple Custom Reports. All the data collections can be fully customized meaning to create various reports with specific data of interest. Using this report creator you can define as many as you like report types for each report. Improve relation with labor using accurate and trustable method of work data management.


››   Fast speed to generate reports for thousands of workers in less than a minute
››   Department tree hierarchy of workers for easy management
››   Visible at all time and reports presence or absence of staff at any date, anytime
››   Time Attendance data can be exported to other complex T&T systems or payroll systems


Attendance Printer


uTouch connect external printer to print attendance reports in real time.


››  Thermal Printer
››  RS232 port connection


Where it fits:

››   Corporate and commercial office buildings

››   Government facilities

››   Factory & Manufacturing

››   Police services

››   Educational institutions

››   Airports

››   Banks and other financial institutions

››   Retail sector

››   Healthcare

››   Hotels

››   Case Study





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