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Our Contactless Cards are produced in accordance with ISO standard 7816 and laminated in robust plastic material. Our contactless card offers excellent performance for thermal transfer printing. Our transponder technology guarantees an outstanding .R/O or R/W function. The customized cards for special function also can be offered such as combi card and hybrid card etc.

(Mag.stripe & 13.56MHz)
 13.56MHz Contact & Contactless









Thermal Rewritable Card (Visual Card)
With the operation of thermal printer, the patent material on card surface can be written, erased, rewritten for a maximum of 500 times.



 Visualized benefits  
 Interactive promotion platform 
 CRM implementation 
 Induce repeat purchase 
 Enhance company image 



Printing method
 Thermal printing

Card type

 White leuco
 Output color after rewrite: Black/blue
 Output color after rewrite: White


Printing and related Services
CiVinTec provides wide series printing and related services that are not only with excellent quality and low cost, but also quick and convenient for customers.



 1-6 color offset printing 
 Silk screen printing 
 Thermal transfer, inkjet printing 
 Magnetic stripe, signature panel 
 Card number, Barcode printing 
 Card number laser carving


Metallic Color Printing

 Gold card silver card silk screen printing 
 Other metallic color printing 
 Full color on one side or part of one side 
 Not only 1 side, but also 2 side available 
     on request 

 Magnetic stripe, signature panel 
 Card number, Barcode printing 
 Card number laser carding  


Black card printing

We offer black or dark color printing.The printing can be with magnetic stripe, signature panel, card number etc.

Part of black card

Preprinting card


Laser carving for card number

In some case, card number by thermal transfer printing or inkjet printing can be erased by long time friction. Card number printing by laser can solve the problem.

Laser printing

Barcode printing


Programming and document
CiVinTec offer programming with document services according to customer’s request.