Leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer Smart Card & Security Solution

CV9600(S)-X-XX and EL500 (T)-X-XX are economic access control terminal introducing RF technology 13.56MHz MIFARE® and EM125KHz for standalone or network system management in access places such as hotel, classroom, hospital, car packing etc.


The terminal features toggle function, so the door could be opened for a specific period of time and closed by presenting card for frequent access place. It also features an external reader for anti-passing back (Wiegand port) for high security.


Powerful and friendly application software is offered for access control & time attendance solution with integrated user management, which is designed for single or network management by simple one-click solution to literally get complete monthly T&A report for all users. SDK is also open for customer’s further development in short time.




● Variety of terminals to meet the request of the Customers according to installation site, application, operation modes
● Easy Installation and Convenient System Settings
● Segmented Configuration on working mode according to the Work Environment / System scale
● System Operation via Standalone or Network Connection without Separate Management Software
● Real-Time Event (Video & Image) Storage and Transmission Support
● Event recording function to guarantee that the record does not lose
● Connect external door reader for dual secure protection( APB function) 

● Housing sabotage alarm
● All I/Os and operating times user keypad programmable
● Self diagnostics
● Duress alarm in case of emergency