Leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer Smart Card & Security Solution

BoneID Net is intelligent Access Control software based on RFID & biometric authentication to control network of CIVINTEC devices by easy connectivity with PC. It’s easy operation suitable for small-to-large sized organizations.




 ● Standalone/Network or server management Solution for unlimited number of users
 ● Support various types of access levels to enhance security
 ● 4 Customizable job code for In/Out manage
 ● Each event record stores actual user picture to prevent misuse of card
 ● Flexible data transmission via TCP/IP port, or Wi-Fi, GPRS for wireless communication
 ● Customizable Skin and LOGO and easy setting for all parameters by one touch
 ● Multi-language software supports most common world languages and is simply to translate into any language
 ● Flexible and extendible IP based system & easy integration with third-party software
 ● Capable of managing most complex environments due to regions and sites grouping
 ● Fast speed to complete full T&A functionalities like custom reports, worked hours, late arrivals, etc
 ● Automated reports can be sent to e-mails and data can be exported to other complex T&A or payroll systems