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EYB-300 is a fail safe electric bolt suitable for glass door, wooden door, metal door . We supply integrity equipment to collocate with fully frameless glass door, swing-in door and so on. Build-in special Photoelectricity control and ultra low tempreture designed to allow safer access automation, power locks and more durable.


Photoelectric control type cryogenic electric mortise lock is the real meaning of ultra-low temperature function: The Low Current is Changed immediately; When door frame doesn’t coincide with door leaf, door leaf against the bolt, then the electric bolt will start the low-power function to bring low temperature; The Photoelectricity Control Technology, prevent the machanical defect



● Low Temperature, safe & Durable.

● Low Power, Environmental Protection

● Long Life with 500,000 Operations.

● Special photoelectricity control

● MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection

● Double protection for loading current

● Superior Strength Aluminium Alloy, Solid Stain-less Steel Bolt.