Leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer Smart Card & Security Solution

BoneID W3 on Cloud is complete and flexible Access Control and Time & Attendance software featured with Cloud extension, which is managed using Standard web browser from anywhere in the World. It is suitable for any size (small, middle or big) of enterprises’ workforce management in friendly user management, data visualization and proper interpretation. BoneID W3 on Cloud can work with uTouch running BoneID Embedded for total .NET based access control and time attendance solution.

BoneID Embedded is intelligent access control time attendance software run uTouch 7’’ Touch screen with intuitive menu make a perfect user experience for convenient and easy operation. With integrated user management, it supports NFC, Contactless card and Biometric security to meet various combination of security level and each transaction with user picture to avoid unauthorized access for higher security.




 ●  BoneID W3 is .NET based platform, on Cloud extension indicates additional modules needed for support from anywhere in

      the World. In simple words, it is gateway to the Internet.
 ●  BoneID W3 on Cloud combined with uTouch is amazing solution that comes "out of the box". There is no need to worry

     about server, database, software installing, updates and backup.   
 ●  You may also eliminate all non core business from your company to establish simple and effective workforce management

     without any IT expert. All you need to have is a click on Internet access.
 ●  Ideal solution for business on several locations that are not connected in a single VPN network, BoneID W3 on Cloud

      makes them connected when it comes to Access Control and Time & Attendance.
 ●  Different level of instance sharing in computation power makes it suitable for any size of enterprise with unlimited user and

 ●  Department tree hierarchy of workers in almost every interface for easy management
 ●  Employees List will show all active employees for selected department or all active employees if departments control is not

 ●  Date selector is simplified control for selecting desired period we want to process.