Leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer Smart Card & Security Solution

CV9601T(S)-X-0F/1F and EL501T-X-0F/1F are high level RF anti-vandal terminal specializing in 13.56MHz Mifare & EM technology supported. The terminal features with multi communication interface and working mode for stand-alone or network access control and time attendance management such as hotel, classroom, hospital, car packing etc.


Powerful and friendly ready to use application software is offered for access control & time attendance solution with integrated user management, which is designed for single or network management by simple one-click solution to literally get complete monthly T&A report for all users. SDK is also open for customer’s further development in short time.




● With elegant design & vandal resistant for harsh environment
● Waterproof, moisture proof, suitable for outside installation
● Can delete user via RF card, PIN No. or both simultaneously
● Flexible for different scale system establishment from 512, 2000 up to 5,000 users
● Enable to set parameter of valid time for users
● Diversified time group setting for working time & holiday managemeent
● Luminous Keyboard: can operate keyboard even at night 

● With anti-break tamper proof switcher design
● External door reader connection for dual secure protection( APB function)
● Housing sabotage alarm and self diagnostics
● Watch-dog timer & power on reset 
● Toggle mode of door opening for a specific period of time, suitable for frequently in/out place