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CIVINTEC new touch screen reader and technical service

Dec 15,2016


CIVINTEC exhibit a newly designed touch screen smart card reader at TRUSTECH in Cannes. Peter Bergstrom, the CEO and CTO of CIVINTEC Europe, introduce CIVINTEC company technical service and CRYSTAL new smart card reader and terminals.

“Civintec have over 10 years’ experience of development and manufacturing of Smart card related product. Civintec have their company strategy to provide more than just standard products with good quality together with small customizing and modification has been an ambition for a couple of years now. The result of this ambition is the technical service concept based on Civintec’s unique technical platform that including both hardware design and imbedded software design.

The technical service is a concept made to provide cost effective and short time to market customizations. The ambition is to be able to provide different levels of customizations to our clients. The technical service that Civintec provide can be all from just a brand logo on a Civintec standard product to a unique client product design. Our process takes the customers future product all the way from idea to a manufactured product.

The technical platform is very carefully made to provide the highest level of product performance and quality. The technical platform including electronic hardware design, imbedded firmware software and SDK command library.

All software components are independent which make it easy to design products with different range of functions and features included. The technical platform supports almost all standardised chip technologies and communication interfaces. Together with additional technologies like NFC, BLE and biometrics we have a platform that covers most of customers’ requirements.

we have design a concept reader named Crystal 100% based on the technical platform. The ambition with the Crystal reader is to provide something new, in this case we designed one version of the reader with a Touch screen display that replace the mechanical keypad and the traditional LED’s.

The Crystal reader are supporting a combination of different technologies like RF 13,56MHz, 125kHz, NFC and BLE in the same design. Crystal reader range will be available as standard products but also for customization.

Our very popular smart terminal uTouch is also an outcome from our technical platform. uTouch have in combination to RF. NFC, BLE and traditional interfaces also WIFI and 3G implemented even biometric is available as additional choice.”