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CIVINTEC is the world leading designer and manufacturer of smart card terminals and devices, established in 2006 and focusing on R&D. We are exporting to over 100 countries and areas. The company brand CIVINTEC is worldwide registered. The head office is located in Shenzhen China. To be even more available, CIVINTEC opened the first branch office in Europe, Stockholm Sweden in January 2016. CIVINTEC Europe AB will focus on Europe and North American market. Since years we have many clients in this region and with help of the European company we will now be even more available for our clients in those regions.

We are aiming to become the best technical service company in the world on designing and manufacturing of smart card reader devices. CIVINTECprovide cost effective OEM/ODM technical services for product customization based on a technical platform designed to support all kind of RF-ID and interface technologies. We design products with state of the art technologies to cater to clients’ requirement and to make them competitive and advanced on the market



CIVINTEC technology platform


Product Range

· 13.56MHz & NFC OEM module/readers
·  Access Control & T/A terminals and systems
·  Handheld terminals and systems
·  Multi-purpose smart terminals and systems
·  Biometric terminal and systems
·  Embedded OS with professional software, Linux, Android +


Our business

· OEM Service
To screen print clients brand logo on our standard products

· ODM (Customization) Service
Customize new features/functions in firmware and/or integrate client’s own protocol on our standard product. Customized design a complete new device, from PCB Hardware design, ID housing design, prototype production, to function implementation


Values to clients in our OEM/ODM technical service: 

Cost effective customizations
Customization can be provided in different levels and will be based on CIVINTEC’s in depended hardware and software platform.

Short time to market
Our technical platform will cover up to 80% of the whole project construction that will shorten the time to market.

Quality and Certification
CIVINTEC is experienced with all kinds of quality certification, like ROHS, CE, FCC etc.

Quality Control System
CIVINTEC established an intern complex of Quality Control System, starting from R&D to final production. CIVINTEC has her own independent purchase team and strict components supplier evaluation system.

NDA protected
Professional and compliant with international business rule, NDA protected

ID design houses
Several good partners around the world to collaborate to provide ID design for housing/casing