Cloud HTTP Wireless Battery-driven
RFID & BLE Terminal Solution

Cloud Server Real-time  Online Remote  Access Control

Bio-direction encrypted HTTP/HTTPs communication via WiFi and BLE wireless communication between CM2 terminal and server for online remote door lock, real time location tracking and IoT management.



Advanced Secure Encryption Protection

As an extremely secure encryption system, CM2 implements the encryption of all credentials and personal information avoiding the risk of cloning, and also protects data security through encrypted communication protocols.

Multiple Communication Interface

Wire & wireless communication interface of WiFi, BLE, Type C USB port with battery powered feature offer a flexible and cost-save installation solutions well-suited for various network environments, and rich I/O port for external devices control.

Memory for Local Data Storage

Smart CM2 is with memory to store the data and can reliably gather the data and safely transmit and exchange data wirelessly via WiFi or BLE to a central point for identification and use.

Wireless Smart Lock

Smart CM2 is energy saving design ideal for wireless battery driven smart lock. smart CM2 is featured to centrally managed by cloud server management software in real time via WiFi or BLE gateway no require of any cable. it's designed with 12 digit mechanical keyboard and all the popular smart cards and NFC, BLE mobile credential authorization and identification management.


Smart CM2 reader provides economic local wireless battery powered RFlD NFC reader using WiFi, BLE, for localization solution and provide additional customization design and manufacture service. When user present RFlD/NFC card or mobile phone on CM2 reader, CM2 will read the data encoded in the card and transmit it with reader location to cloud service over WiFi, BLE. Server identify the card data and reader location to do various application management.

Asset Tracking and Management

Battery driven Smart CM2 is wireless reader ideal for portable applications to read & write RFID smart card and mobile lD tokens, and get wireless communication to server. smart CM2 is widely used in asset tracking, as library book management, archives management, jewelry management, drug tracking management,etc. it also includes WiFi and BLE function, rechargeable and removable battery design to enable the device to have a mobile inventory function.

Config Card & Software

With config card software & configuration card, users can easily download all readers programmable parameters such as indication behaviours, custom unique encryption keys and communication interface settings.

System Diagram

Smart CM2 supports intercommunication with server to identify and send RFID smart card and mobile credential through BLE gateway or WiFi (2.4G) under low power consumption.


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