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Cidron QR

Multi-technologies Wiegand QR Code Access Control Reader

Touch Free Access Control By Using Or Code Via Over-the-air Credential

Innovation Technology

Your Phone Is The Room Key

Your Phone Is The Room Key

Touch free access control compliant with encryptedBLE and NFC technology to use smart phone orsmart watch as mobile virtual card

QR Code

QR Code

Support multi format QR codes 1D & 2D codes QR & Micro QR codes, Barcode and QR codes used in paper or mobile phone. No TOUCH access control solution for visitor management.

RFID & NFC Tags 125khz+13.56mhz Encrypted Cards

RFID & NFC Tags 125khz+13.56mhz Encrypted Cards

ISO14443A/B Mifare®, Mifare® PLUS, DESFire® EV1/ EV2 with ISO7816 SAM (Secure Access Module) for data encryption.

Mechanical Keypad

Mechanical Keypad

Support Mifare SAM AV2 and SAM(Secure Access Module) for data encryption.

Toucheless Access Control QR Code Scanner Reader

Support multi format QR codes 1D & 2D codes, QR & Micro QR codes, Barcode and QR codes used in paper or mobile phone.Touchless access control solution for visitor management.

Your Phone Is The Room Key

Touch free access control by using personal smart phone via lS018092 NFC and BLE, with configurable BLE reading range for hand free access control.

Secure RFID Smart Cards

Cidron wireless card door reader Reader supports 13,56MHZ technologies, MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE PIus® and DESFire®EV1/EV2 combined with 125KHz technologies, which makes it ideal to use where several card populations with different RFlD-technologies and/or frequencies should be used at the same time. Encrypted communication protocols.

Secure Access Module

Cidron wireless card Reader features a contact card socket to read. Secure Access Module's (SAM's) embedded on a SIM-card sized contact chip. Cidron is compatible with MIFARE ® SAM AV2 which gives the possibility to increase further the security of storing encryption keys (Evaluation Assurance Level, EAL 5+) and also allows for diversification of encryption keys.

Multiple Communication Interfaces

Wiegand, Clock/Data, OSDP 1, OSDP 2 (including Secure channel) and RS485, offer universal compatibility to work with the third-party access controller.


The substantial LED frame provides visual indications with green, red or yellow. The LED frame, backlight and buzzer can all be configured to indicate different operations and events using sound or light to communicate with the user. The indications can also be activated by external controls by using general purpose input/ output's (GPlO's).

Plug & Play Testing Tool And Software Tool

CONFIG SOFTWARE TOOL & CONFIG CARD make users easily manage encrypted key, reader configuration and functional test.



Cidron QR
Operating Frequency125KHz & 13.56MHz
Contactless ISO StandardISO14443A/B, ISO18092 NFCISO7816
Contactless Cards

- EM Prox, EM4100, EM4200

- MIFARE Classic (4 byte, 7 byte), MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire EV1EV2EV3

- ISO18092 NFC (T2T, T4T) tags

Mobile IDISO18092 NFC, BLE
QR Code- Area image 640 x 480 pixels, Filed of View 68°(H) x 51(V)
- Decode range: 20mm-150mm(QR 20MIL)
- Roll/Pitch/Yaw: 360°, ±55°, ±55°
- Multiple formats supported (1D & 2D Codes): QR Code, Micro QR code,PDF417, Code 128, Code 39 and most mainstream 1D and 2D barcodes.
Secure Access ModuleMIFARE SAM AV2, external SAM card connection slot
Communication InterfaceWiegand, Clock/Data, RS485 (OSDP 1, OSDP 2, including Secure channel), BLE
Keypad12 digit keypad in 4 rows of 3 keys in each row with Blue LED backlit controlled to ON/OFFand auto, intensely adjustable

- LED bar with red, green and Amber intensely adjustable

- Buzzer

Power Supply9 – 30VDC
Input/Output4 input for LED and buzzer and 2 configurable GPIO’s
Tamper AlarmBuilt-in mechanical tamper switch which allows for indication both break off protection and opening of the reader
Operating Temperature-40° ~ +70°C. With thermostat controlled embedded heater
Operating Humidity0 ~ 95% RHNC (Relative Humidity No Condensation)
Ingress Protection ClassificationIP65 (request weather protection casing)
Housing Dimensions143*80*91 mm (Standard); 180*95*63 mm (Slimline)
Configuration MethodsConfiguration card, reader tool software or factory configured readers

* The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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